Neurology is the branch of medicine focused on the nervous system and its disorders. The nervous system as a whole is divided into two subdivisions: the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS).

Eisai will endeavor to make steady contributions to patients with goals going forward to accomplish in the medium to long term, as a pharmaceutical company that develops new drugs in the long-term. With advances in technological developments in medicine, hoping that neurological disorder can be diagnosed earlier and receive adequate therapy. In neurology, with regard to Alzheimer’s disease (AD), we realize continuous brain health panel diagnosis, which makes quantitative and continuous measurements of pathophysiological biomarkers for precise diagnosis of each person’s stage within the disease continuum and aim to realize provision of optimal treatment in which drugs are determined based on precise diagnosis. We realize the disorder in nervous system can affect to many aspects especially patients’ quality of life, Eisai committed to taking part in the latest therapeutic development for neurology.